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Handcrafted Jewellery

Archer & Holland’s talented manufacturers offer their services to handcraft your own ring or jewellery piece.

We endeavour to find the best quality and price for your diamond and stones, before Bill creates your piece of jewellery to your exact specifications.

Please allow 3 weeks for completion,
depending on how intricate the design is.

Once your piece is completed, we will examine and assess the piece and provide a valuation certificate. In addition, we offer a lifetime of free cleaning and inspections for your handcrafted piece.

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Argyle Pink Diamonds

Archer & Holland are one of very few places in Adelaide to stock rare Argyle Diamonds. These diamonds are sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. The mine, run by Rio Tinto, has confirmed they will be ceasing all operations in 2020.

Since the first Argyle Pink Diamonds were revealed from the ancient beauty of their Western Australian birthplace, they have been valued for their rarity; coveted by many but owned by few.

Not only are they beautiful, but their high appreciation, small production supply and rarity makes them an incredibly rare investment opportunity.

With a 100 year legacy, Bill and Meredith from Archer & Holland have a wealth of knowledge of fine jewellery in Adelaide. Bill has over 40 years of jewellery handcrafting experience, while Meredith is a qualified diamond grader and pearl rethreader. Both have intimate knowledge of Argyle Pink Diamonds, whether through investing or handmaking pieces incorporating the precious diamonds.

Appointments can be made with Bill and Meredith to talk about investing in Argyle Pink Diamonds. We also host very special evenings and days which are regularly promoted in our newsletters. Sign up below to be kept up to date with these special sessions.

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Valuations & Insurance

All valuations are done on the premises by Archer & Holland’s NCJV Registered Valuer (National Council of Jewellery Valuers) and Gemmologist (FGAA).

Jewellery is examined and assessed using gemmological equipment and procedures to provide a scientific analysis of precious and semi-precious gems. Our Valuer and Gemmologist have up-to-date knowledge and ongoing training in key areas of gemmological studies including:

  • Gemstone grading
  • Detection of synthetics
  • Techniques used in jewellery manufacturing
  • Detecting reproduced jewellery and genuine antique pieces

All valuation certificates are presented on a professional document including a full report and colour photograph of the item. The certificate will also state the purpose and reason of the valuation and the type of market on which it was based.

The most common type of valuation is a retail valuation which is often used for insurance purposes. Other types of valuation include, but are not limited to:

  • quality assessments
  • deceased estates
  • second-hand sales
  • forced sales

All ring valuations come with a free professional clean and security claw/setting check.

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Restyle & Restore

Restyle, re-set or rejuvenate your jewellery.

Archer & Holland specialise in remodelling and restoring old, worn out pieces to their former glory or into a new style.

We can offer suggestions to redesign or remodel your jewellery into something you will love to wear.

You can also trade in your old jewellery to purchase a new or second-hand piece from the store.

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Sell Your Jewellery

Archer & Holland are always interested in purchasing old, broken or unwanted jewellery. If you have a piece you no longer want or wear, please visit us.

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